Saturday, April 22, 2017

                    A Progress Update on the Wild Goose Chase                  Reading Challenge Hosted by Bookshelf Gargoyle

                 So far, I have completed four of the seven categories in the Wild Goose Chase Challenge.


                 For  category one: Wildness I chose:

The Legend of Vanx Malic by M.R. Mathias
Genre: Adult Fantasy
Pages: 315
My rating: 3 stars
Goodreads blurb: A half-Zythian bard is in chains for getting too well aquainted with the Duke of Highlake's wife. And thats just the begining.....

The Legend of Vanx Malic is a continuing “serial” type of fantasy affair. After I finished writing The Wardstone Trilogy, I still had several months to go before I would be released from prison. I did not want to lapse in my religious routine of penning three thousand words a day, so I didn’t. Book One – Through the Wildwood, is a fun and intense book that introduces a few of the series main characters. I have over a thousand pages worth of Vanx Malic and his curious group of companions sitting here in longhand. I will be publishing them in eBook format, about two hundred fifty pages at a time, over the next year and a half.

                For category two: Birds I chose:

Orville Mouse and the Puzzle of the Clockwork Glowbirds by Tom Hoffman
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy
Pages: 288
My rating: 3 stars
Goodreads blurb: 2016 Gold Medal Winner Best YA Adventure Book • Readers Favorite International Book Awards 

A wildly inventive tale from the creator of Bartholomew the Adventurer. The Orville Wellington Mouse series is lots of fun, filled with adventure and humor, while still retaining the much deeper themes of spirituality, ethics, and metaphysics for those who have an interest in such things. A fun read for all ages!

Orville Wellington Mouse lives with his Mum in the quiet fishing village of Muridaan Falls, Symoca. His life takes an unexpected turn when he learns his best friend Sophia Mouse is not only from another planet, but is also a member of the Shapers Guild, a group of powerful mice who are able to convert their thoughts into physical objects. 

When Orville notices a group of seven glowbirds exhibiting rather extraordinary behavior, he and Sophia attempt to uncover the origin of the unusual birds but soon find themselves enmeshed in a fiendish plot to embroil Symoca in a horrific war. Captured by the powerful and mysterious Red Mouse, the two adventurers are hurled through a spectral door into the terrifying world of Periculum, home of the dreaded giant carnivorous centipedes. 

With help from the secretive Metaphysical Adventurers, Proto the Rabbiton, the Mad Mouse of Muridaan, a gigantic Gnorli bird, some ghostly Anarkkian warriors, and the enigmatic Monks of the Blue Robe, Orville and Sophia must find their way home and stop the evil Red Mouse before he destroys Symoca.

                 For category four: An Object to Hunt For I chose:

The Silver Serpent by 
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 284
My rating: 4 stars
Goodreads blurb: The frost creeps again... 

Taught the sword from childhood, Shanis Malan's only dream is to be a soldier, but a woman cannot join the Galdoran army. She thinks her dream has come true when Prince Lerryn hosts a tournament in her town, but circumstances snatch her from her home and carry her into the midst of a quest for a legendary artifact that can save the world from the minions of Tichris the Ice King. Join Shanis and her friends on a perilous quest for the Silver Serpent. Hugo Award-winner Ron Miller calls The Silver Serpent "A superb story told believably and unpretentiously by a superb new author." The Asgard Oracle calls The Silver Serpent "A gripping epic fantasy in the tradition of Robert Jordan, Raymond Feist and David Eddings." 

                   For category six: Transport I chose:

The Sneaker Tree by Phil Taylor
Genre: Paranormal, Horror, Mystery
Pages: 340
My rating: 5 stars
Goodreads blurb: Remember when you were a kid and you had that one magical summer that seemed to last a lifetime? Cooper, Gooby, Chuck, Cliff and Bolo don't know it, but they are in the midst of a summer they will never forget. Their small town is paralyzed with fear as a serial killer preys upon children and The Golden Boys seem to be the only ones who have a chance to stop him. A life-long bond is forged between them as they confront each other, their worst fears and a killer that is more than anyone could possibly imagine. Filled with suspense, heart and humor, The Sneaker Tree has something for everyone.

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